Myths About Wood Decks

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A real wood deck gives you natural beauty and warmth but you have heard things about it which give you hesitations, beliefs such as wood decks do not last or wood deck requires more maintenance. Are these beliefs true or not? Let us find out by reading these ideas and personal experiences shared by professional


Myth One – Wood Decks Are Difficult to Maintain 

All decks need to be cleaned from time to time, whether made of wood or other materials. Dirt particles such as carbon settle on every horizontal outdoor surface. In fact, these particles will turn surfaces look discolored and grimy over time. The good news is, sealing and cleaning your wood deck is easier and very simple. 

The one that is the most critical thing about maintaining your deck is to seal and clean the surface of your deck as often as possible in intervals, before the dirt particles have the chance to accumulate. By taking this approach, it will maintain your wood deck at its best looking and help make sure a longer life span.  

Myth Two – Wood Decks Do Have Splinters 

Wood can shrink and expand depending on the humidity level in the air. As a matter of fact, this cycle is normal and can also happen when your wooden decks dry out from the exposure of the sun and then get soaked from rain. This repeated shrinkage and expansion can cause splintering over time. 

A sealer put to your wood deck regularly will greatly decrease the cycle, preventing splinters and cracks from forming on the surface. The sealer serves as a barrier, decreasing the amount of water being absorbed by the wood, thus, limiting its contraction and expansion as well. 

Myth Three – Wood Decks Will Not Stay Long 

With regular sealing and cleaning, softwood lumber (pressure-treated redwood, cedar, pine) decks can probably stay up to 2 decades or more. 

There are things that can shorten your deck’s lifespan, regardless of the kind of decking used. One is the lack of correct care for the deck which is very simple and very convenient that you believe it was. The other factor is the lack of air beneath the deck that can cause the framing of your deck to prematurely rot out. Decks that are being installed near the ground may have poor circulation that results to shortening the life of the structure by half or more. In addition to that, this myth is true regardless of the materials used on the decking, whether may it be some wood or other manufactured materials. The solution here is correct deck construction and design. 

 Myth Four – Lumber Isn’t Eco-Friendly 

Trees are very beneficial to our environment because they have the ability to generate the air we breathe, oxygen, and absorb the air we exhale, carbon dioxide. 

A lot of myths about wood possibly came from a misunderstanding of the wood’s performance characteristics and remarkable properties. As a matter of fact, wood is the most ideal building material; it is plentiful, has the unbeatable strength and very easy to work with.  

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