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Signs That You Need Tree Removal Services

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For many homeowners, a yard full of trees serves as a property fixture, add lush beauty to the landscape, and highly desirable. It is because of its majesty shade and if the homeowner planted them when they first moved in the place for many years. However, like all living things, trees eventually become sickly and die. With this, a help from professional will keep it from sudden collapsing and prevent possible hazards. So, here are the following signs that you can notice when it is time to call for a tree removal service:

1. Tree is dead

Aside from dead tree attracts bugs for its decomposing wood, a dead tree can result in serious hazards for it might fall on someone or something. Also, this can spread fungus very quickly that may infect others. Dead trees must be removed immediately for safety purposes.

2. Dangerous leaning

Tree roots and soil situations can shift as the tree grows. A small lean is usually nothing to worry about for it is possibly caused by strong winds. However, a tree that tilts toward your home should be handled immediately by a professional to remove it.

3. Proximity to Power Lines

Large trees and branches hanging over power lines may result in the danger of falling that it must be removed as soon as possible. This can eliminate the possibility of a power outage for your home and for your neighbors as well.

4. Proximity to the Home or Building

As times goes by, tree roots tend to spread out passing through rocks and hard soil. Unfortunately, those roots may cause damages to the home or building’s foundation if the tree is located too close. A tree removal services can prevent chances to cause severe structural damage.

5. The Tree is Sick

To get rid of trees that carry diseases, a tree service is necessary for it. Some diseases can cause the tree to weaken and fall down, while others can spread diseases to other trees and plants. This may cause the tree to carry a threat to your property.

6. Tree Health

Dead branches, exposed roots, and sprouts emerging from the tree are signs of declining in tree’s health or already dead. Once that a tree is in poor health, let a certified arborist or tree specialist evaluate it and take the action the immediately.

7. Severely Damage Tree

When a tree gets damaged to the point that it is likely to fall down, there is still a chance that a tree can recover from the damage. That’s why certified arborists who will inspect the condition of the tree can give you and advice is the best solution. Once the damage is severe, recovery is not possible and its time have the tree removed.

8. Need To Trim More Than 1/3 Of The Tree

Tree trimming keeps the branches of the tree healthy and prevents the need for tree removal. However, when too much part of the tree needs to be trimmed, this can change its shape and ability to grow. If a certified arborist suggested to trimming more than 1/3 of the tree, better to removed it altogether.

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Ways Tree Services Can Protect Your Property

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Winter seasons could have its disadvantages, specifically to trees that could be extremely affected by the severe winter weather. After the cold season, a lot of homeowners would start considering if their trees will need special care from the professionals. There are a lot of tree service companies that provide various tree care service. Tree removal is one of the most typical services they can offer to their clients. It is a must to remove trees during fall time and never do it in springtime unless it can cause a hazard to your premise or to anyone near it. Of you are seeking help for the maintenance of your tree, continue reading this article and learn the following ways professional can safeguard you and your property.

Tree services could clear the way for you

Not only an overgrown tree could be a problem in terms of the beautification of your yard, but it could also be an issue for your safety. Those trees that are not regularly trimmed could easily fall to this instance. They could be unappealing and they can prevent growth for some plants in the yard since these trees tend to overshadow them. Moreover, trees similar to this could be dangerous once they are not pruned nor trimmed since they could lose their proportion. The other side of the tree might grow heavier, resulting for it to be lopsided. This is why it’s very essential to regularly prune them so that branches and leaves could be eliminated and restore its symmetry. You might think that you can do this task yourself but try to rethink. Some risks could happen in tree trimming. Hence, you might need the assistance of professional arborists who are knowledgeable about the proper techniques and have the right tools to complete the task right away.

Tree service can make sure that the foundation of your house is protected

This is a fact for old trees that have attained their full maturity. They could look actually great while they stretch open into the sky. However, they have large root systems as well that might be hazardous to your home’s foundation. Chances are your home’s foundations might crack while the roots grow and move below your home. For foundation damage repair, the cost could exceed more than $4,000 if more problems have to be taken care of. Employing a professional tree service could save you from spending this much since they already know how to give solutions to this type of problem.

Tree services can stop damages

The most prone to tree damage is your roof because of the falling branches and leaves. Also, you would be held accountable for any tree damage once your insurance policy attests that your tree was unsafe but you did not take any actions. Having your tree regularly pruned or trimmed could stop this disaster from taking place. Hiring a professional tree service is the best way to go. Protect your property now by contacting Altoona Tree Service and get a free consultation now.

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