The Importance of Proper Swimming Pool Maintenance 

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Water is the key to life. That is one of the reasons why people are in love with spas and pools both in the backyard and in the neighborhood, however, it also means that it is a nice place to find unwanted mold and algae. That is also why it is very important to maintain a clean swimming pool, heated to the right temperature and pH-balanced regularly.

The Demands of Swimming Pool Ownership

The following are some few things you should consider doing regularly in order to keep the pool in top condition:

  1. Clean the filter.
  2. Clean out all the strainer baskets.
  3. Check the pool’s water level and refill if needed.
  4. Skim the surface for bugs, leaves and other debris.
  5. Check the pH balance of the water and add chemicals if needed.
  6. Prep the pool for summer months once it becomes warm again.
  7. Brush the walls for calcium and algae buildup.
  8. Winterize the swimming pool when the climate gets cold enough.
  9. Shock orsubchlorinatethe water from time to time to decrease the chlorine odor.
  10. Hire a professional to service the pool heater as well as the cleaning out of calcium or algae from the tubes.
  11. Examine the surface of the pool for significant signs of wearing or cracks and repair as necessary.

Money or Time?

There are so many things to do in order to maintain your pool in top condition. Thus, most pool owners will rather just pay for a licensed professional pool maintenance and cleaning services. With just hiring, it gives you some peace of mind, knowing that your pool is being handled by a professional. In addition to that, it also takes a lot of stress away from you as well as the effort out of using and owning a pool. It may be tempting to do some routine brushing or skimming but cleaning of swimming pool is their task and it is a task most services take sincerely.

Most of all, every pool comes with several complicated filtration systems, heaters and pumps which need a professional’s eye regularly. With a constant maintenance service that comes with regular checkups for most of the vital parts of the pool and even a pool built with an automated cleaning and maintaining system can benefit from occasional checks. But, it’s still highly recommended that you leave it to the hands of a professional pool cleaner OC.

A swimming pool is not only a large boost to your yard but it is also takes a lot of responsibility which demands either money or time on your part in order to keep it in top condition. Still, once you swim and enjoy in a well-maintained and clean pool, on a very hot, summer day, you will realize then that your effort was really worth everything you spent.

Benefits of Pool Resurfacing

Your swimming pool will grow old over time just like anything else around you. That means you will have to maintain the condition of the motors and filters, as well as the pH level, however it also means that the pool surface itself will gradually wear over time.

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Myths About Wood Decks

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A real wood deck gives you natural beauty and warmth but you have heard things about it which give you hesitations, beliefs such as wood decks do not last or wood deck requires more maintenance. Are these beliefs true or not? Let us find out by reading these ideas and personal experiences shared by professional


Myth One – Wood Decks Are Difficult to Maintain 

All decks need to be cleaned from time to time, whether made of wood or other materials. Dirt particles such as carbon settle on every horizontal outdoor surface. In fact, these particles will turn surfaces look discolored and grimy over time. The good news is, sealing and cleaning your wood deck is easier and very simple. 

The one that is the most critical thing about maintaining your deck is to seal and clean the surface of your deck as often as possible in intervals, before the dirt particles have the chance to accumulate. By taking this approach, it will maintain your wood deck at its best looking and help make sure a longer life span.  

Myth Two – Wood Decks Do Have Splinters 

Wood can shrink and expand depending on the humidity level in the air. As a matter of fact, this cycle is normal and can also happen when your wooden decks dry out from the exposure of the sun and then get soaked from rain. This repeated shrinkage and expansion can cause splintering over time. 

A sealer put to your wood deck regularly will greatly decrease the cycle, preventing splinters and cracks from forming on the surface. The sealer serves as a barrier, decreasing the amount of water being absorbed by the wood, thus, limiting its contraction and expansion as well. 

Myth Three – Wood Decks Will Not Stay Long 

With regular sealing and cleaning, softwood lumber (pressure-treated redwood, cedar, pine) decks can probably stay up to 2 decades or more. 

There are things that can shorten your deck’s lifespan, regardless of the kind of decking used. One is the lack of correct care for the deck which is very simple and very convenient that you believe it was. The other factor is the lack of air beneath the deck that can cause the framing of your deck to prematurely rot out. Decks that are being installed near the ground may have poor circulation that results to shortening the life of the structure by half or more. In addition to that, this myth is true regardless of the materials used on the decking, whether may it be some wood or other manufactured materials. The solution here is correct deck construction and design. 

 Myth Four – Lumber Isn’t Eco-Friendly 

Trees are very beneficial to our environment because they have the ability to generate the air we breathe, oxygen, and absorb the air we exhale, carbon dioxide. 

A lot of myths about wood possibly came from a misunderstanding of the wood’s performance characteristics and remarkable properties. As a matter of fact, wood is the most ideal building material; it is plentiful, has the unbeatable strength and very easy to work with.  

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Reasons Why You Should Reduce Stress in Your Life 

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Whatever we do, there are still problems may arise in our lives, and it is always coming back. It is an emotion we face daily but some feel this more often than others. This is commonly experienced by people who are having a hard time in their lives life maybe because of work or it might be about their personal lives or trying to balance both.  


Most people learn to accept that stress is always there no matter what making them increase their stress tolerance over time, little did they know that chronic stress has a considerable consequence than they imagined. 

Chronic stress might lead to many illnesses such as heart disease or even cancer. It might also affect our lifestyle causing a negative impact. That is why you should sometimes have to find a way to relieve your stress to make you healthy and happy in the long run. Here are some benefits of having your stress out in right time and place.  


Boost immune system 

Our brain releases a particular hormone if we are under stress. It goes through a chemical reaction releasing dopamine and adrenaline hormones which is great for some emergency situations but too much release of these hormones every day will change your body’s overall function which includes the increase of your blood pressure and your heart rate and weakens your immune system. This will make you prone to diseases that might start from a common cold that might rise severely if you are not careful. Bring your body functions back to its normal state to strengthen your immune system to defend your body against viruses and bacteria.  

Improves Mood and relationship 

As stress affects your physical state, this might lead to emotional or psychological as well. Stress will only make you more irritable and will lose focus on important things that may impact on how you look for the things around giving you bad mood which will effect on how you deal with people around you.  This can even cause severe emotional disorders like depression and anxiety, finding a better outlet for stress is what you need. 


Promotes Self-esteem 

When you are in stress, it could affect your self-esteem since you can’t focus on the things important or to think clearly for solutions to your problem making you feel like you are a failure. Stress relieving can help you out to think more clearly and might give you a better view of the things around. 


Encourages Productivity 

Chronic stress makes your thinking capacity not in a good state which gives you a bad mood further and thinks less of your responsibilities that worsen your situation. Having these negative thinking about yourself released through activities might help you become more relaxed and happy. Being able to feel relaxed make you think of your best judgment. 

Nurtures a better lifestyle 

Having a minimal stress or stress-free everyday life will give us a happier and healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically. Have activities that could lower the stress you experience like stress relief charlotte nc.  

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